Holey Sheet This New Trailer For A Ghost Story Is Great


Ghost stories have provided incredibly fertile territory throughout the history of cinema. The most obvious examples are the menacing ghouls from horror films, creaking and wailing their way through hordes of terrified B-Movie actors. Yet they can also be a vehicle for comedy, action and, as in David Lowery’s A Ghost Story, romance.

The film, which stars Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, has already wowed audiences at festivals, having billed itself as “singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence.” That’s a big claim to make, but A Ghost Story seems to live up to the hype, with the titular ghost silently haunting his former suburban home in an effort to reconnect with his former wife.

What you’ll have noticed from the new trailer is that this ghost isn’t some translucent marvel of computer compositing, but a dude in a white sheet with eye holes cut into it. The natural first reaction is to giggle, as surely the film can’t expect us to take this low effort ghost seriously. And yet, by all accounts, that’s exactly what Lowery manages, with critics breathlessly describing it as “powerful and sobering,” “poetic” and “fabulous movie-making.”

This new trailer captures a little of that, reminding me of Terrence Malick in its gentle fields, Americana and philosophical contemplations – all set to some incredibly evocative music. Personally, I can’t wait for A Ghost Story‘s July 7th release, as it looks to have all the elements of a perfect indie gem.