Watch: Stars Wars: The Complete Skywalker Saga Trailer Teases All Your Favorite Moments

Star Wars

You may well have just seen the big streaming news. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is coming to Disney+ on May 4th, which means for the first time you’ll be able to stream the entire Star Wars “Skywalker Saga” on one platform. And to promote (and celebrate) that fact, Disney have prepared a special trailer for all 9 episodes, which teases many of the franchise’s most memorable moments.

As far as the main series is concerned, the saga is indeed complete, though the entire Star Wars film line-up hasn’t quite been completed. Solo: A Star Wars Story is yet to release on the platform. How bothered fans are by that omission I couldn’t say. I can tell you how bothered I would be, though – not very. Completionists are unlikely to be waiting much longer, however, as Solo is expected to arrive on the service later this year. For now, though, the host of content already available ought to satisfy most of us.

Rise of Skywalker’s addition ensures that this year’s Star Wars Day will be a bumper one. The final ever episode of The Clone Wars is also set to air on Disney+ on May 4th and while coronavirus hasn’t done much good for many, streaming sign-ups will be through the roof by the time it’s all over. Always remember to cancel your free trials, though – don’t let them catch you off guard. Even if their offers are this alluring.

Speaking of which, are you allured by the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Disney+? Pipe up in the comments section and let us know. There’ll be someone singing its praises somewhere, even if it didn’t get the best reaction from fans or critics – some rare unity on that front. Or perhaps you’ll be tuning in to The Clone Wars instead? That’s fine by me.