Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Star Reportedly Eyed To Play Leon In Resident Evil Reboot

Resident Evil

As one of the most successful video game adaptations to date, fans aren’t at all surprised to learn that Resident Evils residence in Hollywood is far from over.

Confirmed way back in 2017, film studio Constantin announced that despite series star Alice’s (Milla Jovovich) story reaching its end in 2016’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, further theatrical adventures in Capcom’s survival horror franchise were in the works. The next installment, however, will be a total reboot and, as per initial reports, will feature a narrative more closely aligned to that of the core games.

And while we still don’t have any confirmed casting from the studio just yet, sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said Transformers is being rebooted and a new Scream movie is in the works, both of which are now confirmed – tell us that Ross Lynch, best known for his current role as Harvey Kinkle in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is in the running to play former police officer and government agent Leon S. Kennedy.

A hugely popular character among fans of the games, Leon has appeared in several mainline entries to date, most recently in last year’s fantastic Resident Evil 2 remake. Lynch certainly has the right look for the role as well and, given his current age, would be a perfect fit to play Leon in his earlier years fighting the undead.

As always, of course, it’s worth noting that anything can change during production. It also remains unknown whether Lynch has been contacted by the studio or, for that matter, if he’s even auditioned for the part yet. All we’ve been told is that he’s one name that’s been discussed for the role and as soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.