Chilling New Halloween Photo Of Michael Myers Brings The Terror


It’s safe to say that Halloween‘s recent track record has been pretty underwhelming – you know it, I know it, and frankly, writer-director David Gordon Green very much knows it, too.

For a while there, most fans believed that the iconic horror franchise was beyond saving, as the timeline had become too messy – too convoluted – to warrant another trip back to Haddonfield. And yet, here we are, with another sequel that’s little under two months out from its theatrical debut.

That means Blumhouse currently has all hands at the pump in anticipation of October 19th, and one need only look to the numerous photo reveals of Michael Myers to see that the promotional push is in full swing. It continues today, too, with a brand new shot of the iconic killer that arrives courtesy of Fandango and can be seen down below.

It may not reveal much, but it’s practically guaranteed to send a chill up your spine. And that’s really the overriding consensus going into the film – even if the final product isn’t greater than the sum of its parts, this October will surely deliver an old-school helping of thrills and spills.

That said, handling such a beloved property comes with a particular set of expectations, and writer Danny McBride even admitted recently that he’s now beginning to feel a little nervous about the pic’s impending release.

In this day and age, Hollywood is tapping into so many beloved franchises that it seems like any time anything comes out there’s the contingency of people that are stoked, and the contingency of people that are fucking pissed off and saying you ruined their childhood somehow. I hope this thing tips more into the world of people liking it. I hope we don’t ruin too many childhoods.

Halloween creeps into theaters in time for October 19th, and only then will we know if David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have dropped any breadcrumbs for a potential sequel. They have retconned the entire series, after all – save for John Carpenter’s seminal classic – so it’s not exactly outside the realm of possibility…