CHIPS: Dax Shepard And Michael Peña Hit The Highway In New Photo

Chips exclusive

Empire Magazine has elected Logan to be the cover star of its latest issue, that much we know. But over the past few days, the outlet has previewed a whole host of movies headed to theaters in 2017, one of which being CHIPS, the small-to-big-screen revival hatched by Warner Bros. and Dax Shepard.

Indeed, CHIPS represents something of a burning passion project for Shepard, who initially approached WB with a pitch that took the core concept of the ’70s TV show and slapped on a new lick of paint. The end result is a wildly over-the-top buddy cop movie in the vein of Lethal Weapon or Michael Bay’s Bad Boys, one in which Shepard is joined by Ant-Man‘s Michael Peña. Together they form the fiercest duo on the California Highway Patrol, and spend their days catching criminals – or at the very least trying to – and generally frolicking around on America’s sun-kissed West Coast.

In repackaging CHIPS for the silver screen, Dax Shepard has also vowed to amplify the show’s action sensibilities, and the reveal trailer alone is solid proof of the film’s explosive set pieces. With Shepard and Peña anchoring the on-screen action – and comedy! – CHIPS also has room in its ranks for Daredevil and Jurassic World star Vincent D’Onofrio as the film’s antagonist villain, Kristen Bell, Rosa Salazar, Adam Brody, Jessica McNamee, Vida Guerra, Rene Moran and Kelly Richardson.

CHIPS will finally march into theaters on August 11th when Dax Shepard’s long-awaited revival will have Annabelle 2 and Sony’s Emoji Movie to contend with at the domestic box office.

Source: Empire