Chloe Moretz Compares Carrie Remake To Black Swan

Speaking to Vanity Fair, actress Chloe Moretz has revealed some new details about the upcoming Carrie remake that she’ll be starring in. Coming to us from director Kimberly Pierce, the film will have Moretz in the titular role alongside co-star Julianne Moore, as her mother.

Though I’m not totally opposed to this remake, I’m not fully on board with it either. The original Carrie is a great film and though I can see why some feel the need for it to be remade for the current generation, I don’t see how they’re really going to do things differently with it.

That being said, Moretz claims that the film will be a whole different beast, more specifically, it will be like the Black Swan version in that it will mess with your head.

“I am changing everything about me—my hair, my look,” Moretz tells Vanity Fair. “I’m doing my own take on [the character]. The script is totally different from the [original]. It’s more like the book. It’s a more Black Swan version—it messes with your mind. You’ll see things, and you don’t know if you’ve seen them.”

Admittedly, Moretz does make the film sound promising and I’m interested to see what Pierce does with the whole psychological aspect. It could bring something different to the table that will make the remake worth seeing. Then again, it’s hard to really say since we haven’t seen any footage yet.

Carrie will shoot this Fall for a March 15, 2013 release date.

What do you think? Is this just another useless remake?