Chris Evans Will Reportedly Play A Supporting Role In Captain America 4


Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers was the moral center of the MCU for a decade and arguably its purest example of heroism. His story got a fitting ending in Avengers: Endgame as well, which revealed him as one of the few people worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, showed him leading the fight against Thanos and taking the Infinity Stones back to their home dimensions. We last saw him settling into a well-deserved retirement with Peggy Carter, but now rumors are building of him appearing in Captain America 4.

This still unannounced movie is a mystery, but things should become clearer after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier wraps up. Beginning next month, the Disney+ show will explore the conflict between the two titular characters and the fallout of Rogers’ decision to pick Sam Wilson as his successor. All that might be thrown into question, however, as Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that Evans is returning to the MCU in Captain America 4 and will play a supporting role alongside Mackie’s Wilson, who will be the main focus. But is this really plausible?

Well, it’s certainly possible, but I hope it doesn’t happen. Rogers’ return would inevitably steal the spotlight from Sam’s time wielding the shield. In addition, continually recycling the same old characters will eventually lead to the MCU feeling stale and repetitive. Then there’s the simple fact that it’d retroactively make Endgame worse.

The writers for that film, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, agree, saying that Rogers’ return would spoil the closing scenes. In a 2019 interview, they were asked about Steve making a comeback and said:

“Christopher Markus: I love writing for Cap, I love Evans. But I really feel, much like Tony, we got them to a place where they don’t need to do it anymore. I’d hate to gin up something hokey to get them back.

Stephen McFeely: I do worry that if they do stuff like that, it’ll ding Endgame in the rearview mirror. This is such an important and such an interesting moment in movies, because a very successful studio just put their tools down.”

If Marvel Studios do decide to bring him back, let’s hope they’ve got a worthwhile story to tell. It’d be interesting to find out exactly what Rogers was doing for all those years, as it seems unlikely he spent decades simply mowing his lawn and dancing with his wife. One thing’s for sure, whether he physically appears or not, Steve Rogers will cast a long shadow over both The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Captain America 4.