Chris Evans Could Return As Captain America In More Than One MCU Project


The news of Chris Evans entering talks to reprise his role as Captain America less than two years after he gracefully bowed out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Endgame has sparked mixed reactions, even if the actor himself cast doubt on the reports by claiming he doesn’t know anything about it.

As one of the most popular characters in the world’s biggest franchise, there are a lot of fans who are unsurprisingly thrilled by the idea of him suiting up again, while others feel it would only serve to dilute the impact of his emotionally charged final moments, where he traveled back in time and finally got to live out his life with Peggy Carter.

There was no indication in the initial story about which project in particular he was being courted for, but it did say that Evans is in talks for ‘at least one’ future entry in the MCU. This could mean he’s being lined up for either a feature film or one of the many TV shows in the works for Disney Plus, but some look like much more plausible candidates than others.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be the obvious choice, but shooting on Sam and Bucky’s spinoff wrapped months ago, so it’s probably too late in the day. All bets are off surrounding the narrative of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, though, and it can’t be ruled out that the Sorcerer Supreme stumbles upon an alternate version of Steve Rogers from another timeline during his reality-warping travels.

Meanwhile, on the Disney Plus front, the concept of Secret Invasion presents any number of storytelling possibilities for having a Skrull impersonating Captain America. Those three make the most sense on paper, but looking at the way the MCU is set to massively expand during Phase Four, he could literally show up anywhere.