Chris Evans Rumored To Return As Captain America In Secret Wars


Chris Evans was initially hugely resistant to the idea of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, turning down the role of Captain America twice out of fear of being typecast for the rest of his career before his mother ultimately convinced him to sign on the dotted line. It was a wise decision on Mrs. Evans’ part, too, because her son established his take on Steve Rogers as the beating heart and soul of the entire franchise for close to a decade.

The 39 year-old gracefully bowed out of his career-defining role at the end of Avengers: Endgame, with Steve finally getting to enjoy the domestic bliss he always deserved alongside the love of his life Peggy Carter. It was a fitting and poignant note on which to end the Infinity Saga, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from making the rounds about a potential return ever since the movie faded to black.

Evans has never definitively ruled out a comeback in the future, admitting that he’d consider it provided the storytelling was up to scratch and it wasn’t done just for the sake of fan service, and now tipster Mikey Sutton is claiming that Captain America is being eyed for a return in Secret Wars, which is reportedly going to be the MCU’s next franchise-spanning crossover event. The insider doesn’t offer much in the way of details or specifics, but does hint it could be the older time traveling version of the star-spangled superhero who shows up, saying:

Besides trying to bring back Robert Downey Jr. as an parallel Earth Tony Stark, there are talks of having Chris Evans return as the older Steve Rogers.

Of course, there are certainly more than enough familiar faces and debutants at the MCU’s disposal, but if they’re keen on returning to the well and bringing Evans back, then there has to be an entirely justifiable reason for diluting Endgame‘s emotional impact as part of Secret Wars.