Chris Hemsworth Celebrates Thor: Love And Thunder Wrapping With Jacked BTS Photo


Having spent the majority of Avengers: Endgame under a fat suit, Chris Hemsworth was clearly determined to make sure that his biceps returned with a vengeance in Thor: Love and Thunder, and by all accounts, he’s certainly accomplished that goal.

An almost terrifying workout photo that showed the hulking Australian ready to burst led to co-star Chris Pratt chiming in and telling him to stop beefing up, while Hemsworth’s trainer revealed that the actor was getting bigger than he’d ever been before to headline his landmark fourth solo Marvel Cinematic Universe outing, to the extent that his stunt double found it to be a nightmare trying to keep up with the sheer calorie intake to maintain such a physique.

Love and Thunder has now officially wrapped production, and to mark the occasion, Hemsworth took to social media and posted a celebratory image alongside director Taika Waititi kitted out in his motion capture garb to play Korg, and you can check it out below.

We’ve got the actor at his most jacked yet to reprise his signature role as the Odinson, while Natalie Portman is rocking some impressive guns of her own as the returning Jane Foster, so at least we know the two characters set to wield Mjolnir in the movie won’t have any trouble picking up the enchanted hammer and throwing it around with reckless abandon.

Some folks may have mocked the star for skipping leg day after a recent image went viral, but looking at the size of his arms, they definitely wouldn’t say it to his face, with Thor: Love and Thunder‘s leading man probably capable of snapping most people like a twig with those things.