Chris Hemsworth Offered Lead Role For Terrorist Thriller American Assassin

Ever since launching himself to mainstream stardome with his portrayal of Thor in Marvel’s growing universe, the offers have been piling up for super hunk Chris Hemsworth. From movies like Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn finally getting proper distribution to his parts in blockbuster films like Snow White and the Huntsman and the upcoming Steven Spielberg film Robopocalypse, things are looking pretty good for the highly sought after young star.

According to Deadline, things are only getting better for Hemsworth, as he’s just been offered a $10 million deal to star in CBS Film’s upcoming thriller American Assassin, based on the book penned by author Vince Flynn.

If Hemsworth signs on, he’ll be playing the role of terrorist hunter Mitch Rapp, a former college scholar and athlete who ends up working for the CIA as a ruthless agent through circumstances outlined in Flynn’s prequel story American Assassin. The book introduces us to Rapp’s background, and serves as a perfect starting point for a prospective blockbuster franchise.

Gestating for a while at CBS Films, American Assassin‘s most recent script was written by Mike Finch, with Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor) lined up to direct.

It was only a matter of time before a deal like this broke for Hemsworth, having so many recent hits that made him a household name. Don’t think he doesn’t deserve the attention though, because none of the films would have been as popular without Hemsworth’s strong performances.

From the moment I saw him dressed in Asgardian armor and heard his interpretation of Thor’s speech, there wasn’t a single other actor I could picture in the role. He’ll do just fine holding his own big time action franchise, I have no worries there.

One can only assume this deal will get done and Chris Hemsworth will ascend to even higher levels of popularity, figuring we’ll be watching him beat some terrorist butt sooner than later. If only he could do it while still in character as Thor though – now THAT would be a movie.

But enough of my opinion, what do you guys think about Chris Hemsworth holding down the film adaptation of Vince Flynn’s novel series?