Chris Hemsworth To Produce And Star In I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive


In a move that could generate some inspired cross-cinematic synergy, Thor star Chris Hemsworth is attached to produce and headline the drama I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive. Based on the debut novel from actor and musician Steve Earle (The Wire), the film is about Doc Ebersole, a man struggling with his own demons many years after he was travelling with country star Hank Williams and the singer died.

Ebersole may have been the one to give Williams that fatal morphine dose, as the protagonist is also an addict who lost his medical license and lives in San Antonio’s red-light district. There, he performs some illegal abortions and other operations, and befriends Mexican immigrant Graciela, who has the power to heal others with the touch of her hand.

Ironically, there is currently a Hank Williams biopic in the works entitled I Saw the Light, where the country crooner is played by – in a funny coincidence – Tom Hiddleston, Hemsworth’s Thor co-star.

With Hemsworth onboard I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive, perhaps a supporting performance from Hiddleston could be the juice the drama needs to get some buzz going? Continuing with the Thor connection, the film’s writer and director is Benjamin Grayson, who was an assistant to Kenneth Branagh on that Marvel adventure.

Hemsworth may not be one’s first choice for a dark comedy-drama, but his work in Ron Howard’s Rush (and his attachment to the director’s upcoming In the Heart of the Sea) indicates that he has the gravitas to pull off this unconventional role.

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Source: Coming Soon