Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Know If Thor Survives Avengers: Endgame


Thor might be one of the longest-running heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the God of Thunder was a bit of a late bloomer compared to guys like Captain America and Iron Man. After all, it really wasn’t until 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok that Chris Hemsworth’s fan favorite started living up to his potential as a solid lead. But with Avengers: Endgame just a few weeks away from release now, folks are beginning to worry that Thor’s on the verge of dropping out of the franchise.

Then again, with Marvel staying characteristically tight-lipped on the future of the MCU, it’s not impossible that the character will hang around for another phase. If you ask Hemsworth himself, though, the actor has no idea what awaits him. In fact, he doesn’t even know if he’ll live or die in Endgame.

Appearing on Ellen to promote the film, he admitted that he doesn’t know how the Infinity War sequel ends, saying:

“It’s funny, I feel like a fan of this whole thing as much as anyone else, and I’m interested to see if I live or die or what happens to me [laughs]. I have a rough idea of what happens, but no, I have not seen the film and I really do not know how it ends.”

Of course, the actor is probably just playing coy here. We imagine that he knows, at the very least, if he lives or dies. Then again, maybe not. Given how secretive Marvel’s been with Endgame, it’s entirely possible that Hemsworth is speaking the truth. Either way, though, we’re hopeful that Thor can at least get his revenge on Thanos before he leaves and succeed where he previously failed.

Not only that, but after the quick exchange between Hemsworth’s character and Captain Marvel in the recent trailer, some fans are now shipping the pair. Whether any sparks will end up flying between them, we can’t yet say, but we’ll find out what Marvel’s got planned for Thor and his friends when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: Ellen