William Shatner Wants Chris Pine To Play Him In Future Biopic

Star Trek

Although many longtime Star Trek fans had issues with J.J. Abrams’ Kelvin Timeline films, their cast members have been celebrated nearly unanimously for their ability to emulate the original series’ actors while performing brilliantly in their own right. William Shatner seems to be in agreement, too, as the original Star Trek star recently gave his approval for his successor Chris Pine to portray his real-life self in a future biopic.

Shatner recently appeared as a guest via virtual chatroom at this year’s Galaxy Con, and given the prolific career he’s enjoyed in his 89 years, the idea of bringing his story to the big screen was sure to be on the minds of the collective Star Trek fandom.

“I want to play myself. I don’t want to die!,” Shatner said when asked who he’d like to have star in such a feature. “I don’t know. Chris Pine? Why doesn’t he play me? A good looking, talented guy,”

The decision to cast Pine as Shatner would most likely be a welcomed one. The former has not only repeatedly displayed a practical understanding of his predecessor’s acting method as Captain James T. Kirk, but also shown proficiency in everything from superhero films like Wonder Woman to neo-Western dramas as seen in the award-winning Hell or High Water. 

Hollywood even seems to have already deemed Pine as a biopic star, if his role as famed CBS journalist Walter Cronkite in the upcoming Newsflash is anything to go by. Pine’s theatrical achievements have been so impressive that the only problem with casting him as Shatner would be finding the money to keep him away from other projects.

Speaking of which, while no plans for a William Shatner biopic have been announced at this time, a new currently-untitled Star Trek film set in the Kelvin Timeline is scheduled for 2022. Perhaps another performance as Captain Kirk will be perfect for convincing executives of Chris Pine‘s ability to fill the Starfleet-regulation black boots of William Shatner.