Chris Pine Reportedly In Talks With Kevin Feige To Join The MCU

Chris Pine

Chris Pine has already made his mark on the superhero movie world thanks to his turn as Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman films, but could he be about to swap the DCEU for the MCU in the future? It seems that’s a possibility as a new report claims that the Star Trek icon is secretly in talks with Marvel to join their ever-growing franchise.

Giant Freakin Robot is saying that their trusted sources tell them Pine has had talks with Marvel president Kevin Feige about potentially boarding the MCU. That’s as much as the outlet can reveal right now, so we’re left to speculate whether Feige has a specific project in mind for Pine or if he’s just generally chatting with the A-lister to see if he’s interested in working with them at some point.

GFR notes that just because Feige and Pine have spoken doesn’t mean he’s definitely going to sign up for anything. For one, the actor is an incredibly busy guy, with a range of projects already in the works. Like Paramount’s Dungeons & Dragons movie and the upcoming Walter Cronkite biopic, Newsflash. His career as Steve Trevor is likely over in the DC universe, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that he’s free to team up with Marvel.

Marvel opens discussions with actors all the time, but they don’t always come to anything. Feige has admitted, for example, that he’s been trying to get Keanu Reeves in the MCU somewhere for years now but the two parties have so far yet to make it work. On the other hand, maybe this one will come off. After all, Pine is the only one of the Four Hollywood Chrises not to play an MCU superhero — although he did cameo as Peter Parker in Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Fans would definitely lose it if the studio announced they’d finally completed the set.

But what would be the perfect Marvel role for Chris Pine? Nova? Mister Fantastic? Cyclops? Let us know your choices in the comments.