Chris Pratt Has The Perfect Response To Fans Who Are Mad At Star-Lord


Who’s the true villain of Avengers: Infinity War? Is it Thanos, or is it actually Star-Lord? We kid, of course, but it’s fair to say that the legendary outlaw made a huge blunder in the Marvel movie which directly led to the failure of the heroes’ plan to get the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos’ hand. If you follow events through, then, that means you could say Peter Quill is responsible for half the universe being wiped out.

To jog your memory, Nebula reveals to Peter that Thanos has killed his girlfriend Gamora. The Mad Titan eggs him on and, despite Iron Man telling him to hold in his emotions until they get the Gauntlet off his arm, Peter’s anger gets the better of him and he hits Thanos, which dislodges Mantis’ control and the villain’s able to break free. As such, Marvel fans haven’t been pleased with Star-Lord since seeing the movie.

It turns out that Chris Pratt is well aware that his character is seeing a lot of criticism from the fanbase, too. To show there’s no hard feelings, though, the actor has responded in a hilarious way on his Instagram account, posting the following photos:

Kudos to Pratt for finding the perfect way to puncture the angry fan reactions he’s probably receiving, and for the, uh, inventive use of his Star-Lord action figures.

In Quill’s defense, things might look pretty damning for him at the moment, but evidence suggests his actions won’t have permanent consequences. In fact, despite how it might appear, they may actually be the first steps towards a victory for the Avengers.

It’s generally agreed that Doctor Strange deliberately handed over the Time Stone to Thanos as this would eventually bring about that one future he foresaw in which the villain was defeated. So apparently, even if Peter had let the Avengers remove Thanos’ Gauntlet, they still would’ve lost.

Maybe once we see Avengers 4 then, we’ll view Star-Lord’s actions in Avengers: Infinity War as heroic?

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