Chris Pratt Reportedly Worried About Being Cancelled Soon

Chris Pratt

When Chris Pratt became one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars who didn’t get involved in a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign last year, Twitter twisted that into trying to cancel him, calling the actor a conservative Republican homophobic racist. Obviously, it’s hard to see how those dots can be connected, but someone has to be the worst Chris in Hollywood and unfortunately, that duty seems to have fallen to Pratt.

After all, Hemsworth, Pine and Evans are widely loved stars who seemingly never put a wrong foot forward, while Pratt, despite appearing like a generally likeable and good guy, constantly finds himself facing the Twitter mob, with calls to cancel him happening regularly. And it usually stems from his religious and political beliefs.

While it seems unlikely that any of this will impact his career in any way, and it certainly hasn’t yet, insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that the actor is still worried that he’s in the internet’s crosshairs so frequently, with the tipster sharing the following on his Patreon page this week:

“Pratt is worried [because] people are upset he is a right wing man, he is trying to figure out what to do before [he gets] cancelled.”

While Richtman’s intel is usually pretty reliable, we can’t imagine that Chris Pratt is too worried about this. While it may be something on his mind, his career is looking brighter than ever at the moment and very rarely do celebrities suffer any sort of real-life consequences from a Twitter mob trying to cancel them. Especially when it’s just because of their own personal beliefs and not because of anything they’ve done. Which is more or less the case here.

In other words, while the internet will probably continue trying to cancel the Guardians of the Galaxy star for as long as he remains an A-lister, we can’t see him vanishing from our screens anytime soon.