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Chris Pratt says fans will be blown away by ‘Super Mario Bros’ teaser

At least we know it's not live action...

Chris Pratt makes big claim about Mario teaser

It’s still difficult to believe another attempt is being made to bring Super Mario Bros to the big screen, and even harder to believe still that Chris Pratt will be filling in the shoes of everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber. Nevertheless, this is the world we live in, though Pratt was adamant fans are going to love it in a recent tweet. 

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Evidently we’ll be getting a first look at Nintendo’s attempt at redeeming Mario’s big screen reputation at New York Comic Con on Oct 6 at 4:00pm ET, which is in equal parts extremely exciting and terrifying, as having been burned in the past, fans feel that this film can only go one of two ways: surprisingly well, or just plain bad.

Regardless, we’re hopeful Nintendo doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the past, considering Mario’s last cinema appearance in 1993 starring Bob Hoskins was absolutely abysmal, reviled by critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes with a 29 percent rating. A quick visit to that page also reminds us the tagline on the movie’s poster is ‘This Ain’t No Game’. 

The new Super Mario Bros movie starring Guardians of the Galaxy’s leading man was announced exactly a year ago today, so it was high time we get a first look at exactly what we’re in for. 

The year of slim news in between didn’t stop people from coming up with their own jestful takes on how the movie will look, including this still by BossLogic.

Illumination’s Super Mario Bros: The Movie was originally slated for release in December, however it was pushed back and will now hit cinemas on 7 April 2023.