Chris Pratt’s dreaded accent reveal in ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ is not what we feared most

Chris Pratt Mario

When news that nice Midwestern boy turned buff Hollywood hunk Chris Pratt would voice everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, fans were a bit baffled by the choice. Now that the trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally out, turns out, his voice is more “It’s me, Chris Pratt” than “It’s a-me, Chris Pratt.”

Yep, Pratt just sounds like the bro he always is, which is somehow the funniest direction he could have taken the role.

After the initial backlash with fans wondering why the Jurrasic World star would be taking on the role instead of, say, any Italian actor living or dead, Pratt clarified his performance would not be the caricature of an Italian accent we all know. While some people were probably actually offended by the thought of Pratt taking on the exaggerated accent, a lot of the negative response had to do with the actor becoming something of an internet punching bag in the last few years following his divorce from Anna Faris.

“I worked really closely with the directors and trying out a few things and landed on something that I’m really proud of and can’t wait for people to see and hear,” said Pratt.

Naturally, that left people wondering what direction he’d be going in, but most people assumed it would be some direction.

For some, though, it’s not too late to make Mario sound like the guy the classic Italian plumber.

Apparently, Pratt’s performance didn’t go over super well at New York Comic Con where it premiered. Jack Black’s Bowser, however, captured the audience’s excitement.

Well, looks like it could be Jack Black’s year. Bowser number one, woo hoo!