The Christmas Chronicles 3 Reportedly In Development At Netflix

The Christmas Chronicles 2

This week, Netflix confirmed the long-held fan theory that there’s in fact a Christmas Cinematic Universe exclusively on the streaming service, connecting A Christmas Prince, The Princess Switch, The Holiday Calendar, The Knight Before Christmas, Christmas Inheritance and Holiday in the Wild. No offense to any of the cast and crew members who no doubt worked very hard on all of those respective titles, but for the most part, they’re absolute garbage.

Instead, the brightest jewel in Netflix’s festive crown is without a doubt The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell as possibly the most twinkly-eyed Santa Claus that’s ever been seen in live-action. The first movie was viewed over 20 million times in a week when it arrived two years ago, and the recently released sequel is poised to do even better and play like gangbusters over the holiday season.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Co-writer and director Chris Columbus recently revealed that Russell wants Santa to be the last role he ever portrays, which is why it’s good news that we’ve heard from our sources today – the same ones who told us Netflix were developing a prequel to The Witcher long before Blood Origin was officially announced, and that an Extraction sequel is happening – that The Christmas Chronicles 3 is reportedly already in active development.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Russell may have been kidding when he told Columbus that he was planning to ride off into the sunset after playing Santa for the last time, but then again, the 69 year-old actor has been working pretty much solidly ever since he made his screen debut all the way back in 1962, so he’s more than earned a break. That being said, The Christmas Chronicles series has proved massively popular so far, and there could be at least a couple more stories left to tell before the legend calls it quits.