Christoph Waltz Reportedly Returning As Blofeld For Bond 25


Maybe it’s because we have to wait another whole year for Daniel Craig’s final turn as 007, but we really don’t know a lot about Bond 25. Well, at least when it comes to the story. That (very) teaser trailer we got a while back, though not stricken with detail, did fall in line with THR’s report that the highly-anticipated film sees Bond’s retirement in Jamaica’s interrupted by a rescue mission. As is usually the case though, the plan’s more dangerous than initially thought, and that’s where our knowledge ends.

What there’s actually been is an alarming amount of bad news coming from the front lines of the production. In addition to several delays, creative differences and the subsequent exiting of high-profile director Danny Boyle, and Craig’s recent injury, James Bond’s latest doesn’t seem to be his smoothest.

And now some news has hit the press that complicates what we (thought) we knew about the plot. According to Daily Mail and Bond insider, Baz Bamigboye, an old friend’s been spotted on the set. And from what we know about the infamous 007, this guest’s more than likely not really a friend: Christopher Waltz – that’s right, the Oscar-winning actor behind Blofeld, the main villain from 2015’s Spectre.

This is an interesting update indeed. Last we heard, the Django: Unchained and Inglorious Basterds star wasn’t sure if he’d be returning to the franchise, exhibiting a none-too-positive review of his character. But also, when we last saw Blofeld, he was spared by Bond and arrested instead. Given the secrecy Waltz wanted to secure, perhaps we’ll be getting a Solomon Lane sort of return like in Mission: Impossible.

If that turns out to be the case, Waltz won’t be the only Academy Award-winning facing off against Bond; Bohemian Rhapsody lead Rami Malek’ll be following up his praised turn as Freddie Mercury as 007’s latest enemy. Perhaps Bond 25 can be saved by a pair of great, dueling performances?