Christopher Nolan Reportedly Being Eyed For Two MCU Movies

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In a time where the overwhelming majority of Hollywood’s most expensive projects tend to be either established franchises or attempts to launch a new one, Christopher Nolan is one of the very few filmmakers in the industry that have the clout to make a completely original movie on a superhero-sized budget.

A long track record of critical and commercial acclaim have seen Nolan become one of the most popular and powerful directors in Hollywood, with his name alone now more than enough to see each one of his new movies become a cinematic event in its own right, putting him in the same kind of rarefied air as James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino.

Following the conclusion of The Dark Knight Trilogy, it appears unlikely that Nolan would ever contemplate the idea of dipping his toes back into superhero waters, but following on from the news that Marvel were reportedly interested in having him work on their proposed Daredevil reboot in some form, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us a Percy Jackson show is in development and Extraction is getting a sequel – that the studio have also floated the possibility of having him involved in Ghost Rider as well.

According to our intel, the higher-ups are keen to open talks once the promotional trail for his upcoming thriller Tenet has wrapped up, but there’s no guarantee that Nolan will even entertain the idea. After all, he’s been at Warner Bros. for two decades now and is also said to have been offered an advisory role on the studio’s own comic book series, and if he were to board the MCU then he’d no doubt be seeking the sort of creative control that Kevin Feige has never handed to one of his directors before.

Marvel Studios may be the biggest and most powerful outfit in the business, but there are some things that even they can’t pull off, and hiring Christopher Nolan to direct a single installment in their shared universe might just be one of them. But again, they’d like him involved with either Ghost Rider or Daredevil and should he end up hopping on board for either, we’ll be sure to let you know.