Marvel Reportedly Wants Christopher Nolan To Help With Their Daredevil Movie


Out of all of the title characters from the canceled Defenders shows that used to reside on Netflix, Daredevil has always seemed the most likely to be first in line for the reboot treatment. Not only has there been speculation that he’ll show up as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man 3, but there’s also been internal talk behind the scenes at the studio about resurrecting his solo series as either a Disney Plus or Hulu exclusive.

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is arguably the most well-known and popular among his New York City-dwelling stablemates, and with the Punisher already being the subject of three failed movies, and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist never having appeared in a feature-length film at all, the smart money would be on Matt Murdock being established first in the MCU as the gateway to introducing the rest of the Defenders into the long-running franchise.

We’ve already heard that Marvel are considering rebooting Daredevil as the star of his own solo movie, which could end up being R-rated if Kevin Feige decides to head in that direction with Deadpool 3, and now we’ve heard that the higher-ups want none other than Christopher Nolan to board the project, reportedly as an executive producer that will be heavily involved in development but also with an eye to writing and directing.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us a Justice League Dark show is coming to HBO Max and a Percy Jackson series is in development, both of which were correct – Marvel and DC are both pursuing Nolan in hopes of having him involved in their respective comic book franchise. It remains unclear if he’ll end up agreeing to work with either of them, but we’re told that both studios want him on board.

Of course, fans would no doubt lose their minds at the prospect of Christopher Nolan joining the MCU, but the chances of it actually happening don’t seem terribly high. The filmmaker’s output has been handled exclusively by Warner Bros. for the last 20 years, after all, and after the critically-acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy, it’s hard to imagine him wanting to make any more comic book movies, even if he secretly turned out to be a huge Daredevil fan.

Then again, this is Marvel Studios we’re talking about, who tend to get what they want. They certainly have more than enough money to throw at him and even if it’s just in a producing capacity, we’d love to see Nolan hop on board to help them reboot the Man Without Fear.