Christopher Nolan Reportedly Eyeing World War II Epic As Next Movie


July 21, 2017. That’s about the only concrete tidbit we have on Christopher Nolan‘s new movie, that it’ll be releasing in the crowded summer window in little over a year’s time. But according to a new report unearthed by French newspaper La Voix Du Nord (via The Playlist), the esteemed director has his eyes set on World War II epic Operation Dynamo.

Centering on the Miracle of Dunkirk, a near-miraculous evacuation of Allied tropes from the shores of the French seaside town June 1940, the wartime drama is to enter production in early 2016, which aligns with previous reports that Patrice Vergriete, mayor of Dunkirk, would be welcoming a “world famous filmmaker” to helm an “American blockbuster” at some point next year.

Couple this with the fact that Christopher and screenwriting brother Jonathan Nolan have been spotted location scouting in the northern French town and it certainly seems plausible. Then again, ever since breaking onto the scene with Memento, Christopher Nolan has shrouded each and every project in a thick veil of secrecy, and we expect his 2017 blockbuster to be no different.

Hypothetically speaking, Nolan’s Miracle of Dunkirk – or Operation Dynamic, if it is to be called that – will act as the filmmaker’s first creative venture explicitly tethered to real-life events, not to mention his second period piece following the release of The Prestige almost a decade ago. After dabbling in the superhero genre and the far reaches of space across The Dark Knight trilogy and Interstellar, respectively, we’re instantly curious to see the ways in which Nolan brings his trademark stamp of realism to World War II.

All we know for sure is that Christopher Nolan‘s next project will hit theaters on July 21, 2017, but we’ll keep you right up-to-date as this story develops.