Clint Eastwood Will Remain In The Realm Of True-Life Dramas For Impossible Odds


If American Sniper displayed Clint Eastwood’s knack for tackling true-life drama – bagging $547 million and six Oscar nominations in the process – Sully took that creative process to the skies, producing a gripping account of the Miracle on the Hudson that was flawed, yes, but also incredibly entertaining throughout.

It seems Eastwood has developed a taste for the sub-genre, too, now that The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the esteemed actor-turned-director has honed in on his latest feature film to be ripped from the headlines. Lifted from her own Impossible Odds memoir, THR confirms that the picture will chronicle the story of Jessica Buchanan, the American aid worker kidnapped by Somali pirates five years ago. Held captive for 93 days while the pirates demanded ransom, Buchanan was ultimately rescued thanks to a Seal Team Six mission carried out under the cover of darkness.

Blending character drama with a tense, nail-biting finale, the cinematic credentials of Buchanan’s memoir practically leap off the page. Warner Bros. is the studio behind the adaptation, enlisting Brian Helgeland (Mystic River, Blood Work) to hash out a screenplay documenting the impossible odds Jessica Buchanan was left facing in 2011.

Moreover, American Sniper served up a gripping central performance from Bradley Cooper, who underwent a series of training exercises to adequately prepare for the role of Chris Kyle. Casting Jessica Buchanan is a different kettle of fish, of course, but it’s a complex, potentially awards-worthy role on paper, so you can imagine how excited we are to discover who Warner and Clint Eastwood recruit for the part.

Impossible Odds is without a production start at the moment. Sully, meanwhile, is still playing in select theaters and is a dark horse going into this year’s awards race.