Colin Farrell Packs On The Pounds For The Penguin In New Photos

The Penguin Batman

Ever since Robert Pattinson was locked in for the lead role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, fans have been anxiously awaiting news on who would join him in the film. And thankfully, the pieces are finally beginning to come together.

Although negotiations ultimately fell through with Wolf of Wall Street and Superbad star Jonah Hill, Warner Bros. quickly found its Riddler in There Will Be Blood‘s Paul Dano and its Catwoman in Zoe Kravitz. Following that, we learned that the studio had begun circling around Collin Farrell to play Gotham’s fowl foe, the Penguin. And while names like Josh Gad, Seth Rogen, Nicholas Hoult and Toby Jones were all attached to the part at one point or another, the Fantastic Beasts star ultimately snagged it.

In fact, we got a blurry look at him on set just the other week and now, the actor’s been spotted once more and looking a lot more like the Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot we know from the comics. Granted, he’s still a ways away from the classic depiction of the villain, but as you can see in the photos down below, he’s definitely starting to pack on the pounds as he begins his transformation into the Penguin.

These photos aren’t taken from the set of The Batman, but given that Farrell is currently shooting the film, this is clearly how he’ll look when he appears in it. Though presumably, there will also be some heavy make-up and likely some VFX work to complete the character’s appearance.

In any case, these are the clearest shots we’ve had of Colin Farrell yet since he started production on The Batman and as the pic continues to come together, hopefully it won’t be too long before Warner Bros. gives us an official look at the Penguin and the many other characters set to populate Matt Reeves’ version of Gotham City.