Corey Feldman Says The Goonies 2 Could Still Happen With A New Director

The Goonies

When Richard Donner passed away earlier this month at the age of 91, it looked to have ended all hopes that sequels to two of his most popular movies would ever see the light of day. The filmmaker was determined to step behind the camera one last time to helm Lethal Weapon 5, but The Goonies 2 was also still on the table.

The 1985 classic has been subjected to speculation that the band could be getting back together ever since, and at various points former cast members have either confirmed or denied that it was a possibility. The Goldbergs creator Adam Goldberg revealed last year that he’d been toying with a script for close to a decade, and he was planning to hold a meeting with Donner once the restrictions put in place by the Coronavirus pandemic had ended.

That sadly didn’t come to fruition, but in a new interview original star Corey Feldman said that The Goonies 2 could yet become a reality, if someone like Goldberg were to step in and pick up the reins.

“It could happen, you never know. But, if that were the case, it would either have to be one of the cast members or it would have to be like Steven Spielberg or Chris Columbus. Or maybe if there was some kind of a pre-existing agreement between Dick and Adam Goldberg, because I know Adam Goldberg had just met with him to pitch Goonies, so if on the outside chance they had some kind of a deal written up where Dick had passed the torch and Adam could prove that, then maybe that could work. But that would be as far as I’m willing to stretch on it.”

This is a fairly big pivot on Feldman’s previous opinions on the matter, where he’s said at different stages that The Goonies 2 is either unlikely to ever be made or 100% not going to happen. Then again, he’s hardly hedging his bets on the core crew reuniting for another adventure, which is probably for the best.

Legacy sequels are hit or miss to put it lightly, and now that Donner is no longer with us, it’s best to just leave The Goonies as it is, with the movie finding a whole new set of fans with each passing generation, something that’s not going to change.