Could Ben Affleck’s Batman Make An Appearance In Wonder Woman Film?


You wait weeks for any update relating to the DC Expanded Universe and suddenly, director interviews, plot rumors and behind-the-scenes images all come within the space of a few days. Thanks to Total Film’s recent and extensive coverage, we’ve been treated to shotgun blast of news nuggets about all things DC, though today a new rumor has emerged that shines light on Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman solo movie.

First unearthed by JoBlo, the conjecture covers all aspects of Gal Gadot’s standalone feature; from the sprawling time periods to potential villains, it’s all here. There are, as expected, a few potential spoilers littered across the outlet’s report, so we’ve included them in the full breakdown after the jump.


In accordance with previous reports, JoBlo adds fuel to the fire in regards to Wonder Woman taking place across three distinct time periods. Set to align itself closely with the comic book source material, Jenkins’ spinoff is also said to feature the mythological elements of Paradise Island (AKA Themyscira), paving the way for Chris Pine’s air force pilot Steve Trevor to crash land on the fantastical isle.

Outside of the confirmed pool of actors, there’s also word of Sean Bean and Eva Green joining Jenkins’ offshoot to play Ares and Circe, characters widely held up as two of Wonder Woman‘s biggest enemies. But there’s one trinket that has really piqued out interest, and that’s in relation to the appearance of a certain Caped Crusader. It’s understood that Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince are set to be acquaintances in Dawn of Justice, even aware of one another’s secret identities, but now JoBlo claims that Batman will pay a visit to Paradise Island and, upon seeing Diana save a bunch of civilians, approach her in relation to the Justice League.

On paper, it all seems a little too neat, but it’ll be fascinating to see how these films dovetail into one another as the DC Expanded Universe begins to fire on all cylinders.

Beyond that, director Zack Snyder also rolled out yet more information in relation to Ben Affleck, his rendition of Batman, and the fabric-based suit donned by Warner’s all-new Caped Crusader.

“Along with my costume designer Michael Wilkinson, we did just that and we came to the point where we were going to test the suit on Ben [Affleck]. So, we had built a set of an alley, graffiti, barrels with fire, steamy stuff, and it was this very kind of noir-ish setting to film our Batman for the first time. Ben put the suit on and we put him in front of the camera and I was just having him turn and look around looking Batman-ish, and it was amazing because I felt in that moment that I had achieved this goal that I had set out for myself. When I looked at Ben, he was the perfect personification of the Batman I had in my mind.”

Patty Jenkins’ standalone Wonder Woman feature is slated for a release on June 23, 2017.