A Creepy Amber Heard Movie Just Hit Netflix


While Amber Heard continues to generate headlines for her rumored behavior, some of her older movies have been getting more visibility on streaming platforms. One of these, the 2009 remake The Stepfather, has just been added to Netflix, and came before her troubled marriage with Johnny Depp, as well as in the middle of a busy period of roles for the actress. Is it worth checking out, though?

A contemporary take on the 1987 cult classic with Terry O’Quinn, the 2000s version of The Stepfather was part of a wave of 1980s hits given a fresh coat of paint during the decade. Directed by Nelson McCormick, the film focuses on Dylan Walsh’s Grady Edwards as a man who changes his identity after murdering his family, and moves on to a new relationship with similar murderous intent.

Heard plays Kelly Porter, the girlfriend of Penn Badgley’s Michael, the increasingly suspicious son of Grady’s latest fiancée. She soon gets involved in uncovering the truth about Walsh’s character, leading up to some violent confrontations. The picture didn’t do well with critics, with the general consensus being that The Stepfather was a pointless retread of an effective thriller, and it remains one of the less memorable of the updated horror films of the time.

The stepfather

In this way, it’s probably only one for Heard completists, if they’re out there, and those curious to see her in a lesser-known role. Although she was already an established performer through the likes of Pineapple Express and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, it would be several more years before she became a bigger star, both for her onscreen presence and messy separation from Depp.

Whatever your thoughts on Amber Heard, and the various controversies over her Aquaman 2 gig, or the ongoing legal disputes with her ex-husband, she has had a prolific career. And while The Stepfather isn’t one of her acting highlights, it could still make for an enjoyable B-movie watch, especially if you have a soft spot for the era when virtually every successful horror franchise was revived in some form.