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Creepy Poster For Wrong Turn Reboot Reveals A Terrifying New Villain

This creepy new poster for the upcoming Wrong Turn reboot teases a terrifying new villain that viewers will soon meet.

Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn movies have been scaring audiences since 2003 with stories about families of deformed cannibals who reside deep in the wilderness of West Virginia and take advantage of those who make the titular ‘wrong turn’ into their territory. Throughout the years, we received five straight-to-DVD sequels via Dead End, Left for Dead, Bloody Beginnings, Bloodlines and Last Resort. Most of them have been pretty terrible, though, and none have lived up to the original.

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However, next year may change that as Wrong Turn, a reboot/reimagining from The Domestics director Mike P. Nelson, will arrive and so far, it looks pretty promising. The recent trailer teased a relevant horror pic about a divided America, with a group of metropolitan liberals being taken captive, tortured and killed by the rural cannibals. It appears to be playing on the big political divide in the US at the moment and seems like it’ll be a step up from previous efforts.

Now, to build the hype a bit more, a creepy poster has been released for the film. And as you can see down below, it reveals a terrifying new villain.

Hitting theaters for one night only on January 26th, there’s no word yet on when you’ll be able to catch the next Wrong Turn on VOD, but we imagine it won’t be too long after its debut in cinemas that it’ll find its way to streaming. Especially given the current climate.

Until then, though, let us know in the comments section down below if you’re excited for another outing in the Wrong Turn franchise or if you’ve given up on the property at this stage after so many mediocre sequels.