Wrong Turn Reboot Set To Hit Theaters Next Month

Wrong Turn

After almost 20 years, the Wrong Turn franchise is returning to theaters. 2003’s Eliza Dushku-fronted slasher flick became a sleeper hit that spawned five – yes, five – straight-to-DVD sequels. The last installment released back in 2014, but the series has been rebooted now and you can catch the seventh entry next month.

In 2021’s Wrong Turn, Charlotte Vega stars as Jen, who embarks on a hike along the Appalachian Trail with her friends. Unfortunately, and despite dire warnings to stick to the path, the gang soon veers off course and crosses into the land belonging to The Foundation, a hidden community of mountain dwellers who will protect their way of life at any cost. Will Jen’s father (Stranger Things star Matthew Modine) be able to reach them in time?

If you want to see the flick on the big screen, you have just one opportunity to do so. Wrong Turn will premiere in cinemas for a single night only in a little over a month’s time on January 26th. Tickets will become available on Fathom Events as well as at theater box offices beginning January 8th. At this stage, it’s unknown when exactly we can expect it to then drop on video on demand, but it’ll probably be pretty soon after.

The Wrong Turn reboot co-stars Adain Bradley, Bill Saga, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Daisy Head and Tim DeZarn. Mike P. Nelson serves as director, with franchise creator Alan B. McElroy – who hasn’t been involved with any of the previous sequels – penning the script. Saban Films is handling distribution rights and with any luck, this new effort will mark a definite step up from the last few outings.