Cruella 2 Reportedly In Early Development, Based On 101 Dalmations


Disney’s Cruella put the studio in the unique position of fundamentally changing who the title character is and what her motivations are, while still leaving the door open for sequels, with the post-credits scene even laying the groundwork for another live-action adaptation of 101 Dalmatians.

Of course, we already saw Glenn Close bring the puppy-skinner to such vivid life in the 1996 smash hit that earned over $320 million at the box office, which went on to get a sequel four years later that didn’t perform anywhere near as well as its predecessor, but the early signs are definitely there that the Mouse House might give it another go.

The post-credits stinger does what every origin story inevitably does and ties itself to the events of its inspiration in clunky fashion, after it turns out that Cruella herself is responsible for giving Roger Dearly and Anita Darling spotted companions Pongo and Perdita, which invites any number of questions as to why she’d return with a vengeance many years down the line craving their fur for her latest creation.

Some of these questions might end up getting answered, though, now that we’ve heard from insider Daniel Richtman that a Cruella sequel is in active development and will look to incorporate several well known elements of 101 Dalmatians into its narrative.

Based on how the movie ended, it’s either going to be a brand new take on the animated classic, or there’s set to be some bizarre explanation as to how Emma Stone’s gift-giver changes her mind and decides that Pongo, Perdita and their brood are deserving of a horrific death, which sound a little dark for Disney. Either way, it’ll be very interesting to discover how the Mouse House plays this one out in Cruella 2.