Cube Reboot Reportedly In The Works, Original Director Could Return


“I think we have to ask the big questions! What does it want? What is it thinking?”

Released back in 1998, Vincenzo Natali’s mind-bending horror-thriller, Cube, is still a strong contender for one of the most underrated and overlooked pics in the entire genre. Not only did the Canadian indie flick go on to pave the way for many modern mainstream horror movies like Saw and The Cabin In The Woods, but it also cemented the film’s writer-director as one to watch, while spawning a couple of inferior sequels to boot.

Though there were rumours of a reboot to the cult sci-fi horror flick many years ago, the franchise has officially lain dormant since 2004’s Cube: Zero. Now, however, we’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Han is returning in Fast & Furious 9 and Disney is developing National Treasure 3, both of which have since been confirmed – that the project is in development again and will be more of a reboot than a remake. Furthermore, it’ll take place in the same world as the first film and will focus on brand new characters who’ve been locked in the titular cube. Finally, the studio allegedly wants Natali back to helm the project.


Narratively, the original low-budget horror flick centered on a deceptively simple premise: six strangers awaken from their daily lives to find themselves imprisoned in a deadly labyrinth from which they must escape. Of course, that setup will probably sound pretty familiar to you, but back in the ’90s, it was a fairly refreshing concept.

Vincenzo Natali’s full-length directorial debut went on to become a cult-hit with its claustrophobic, nerve-racking atmosphere, intense set-pieces and mysterious, intriguing narrative. Though Cube’s horrific template has arguably been refined in modern pics, like James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s Saw, it still remains a high water mark for the sci-fi horror sub-genre.

But what say you? Would you be down for a Cube reboot from the original director? Or should the thought of it be sliced into hundreds of bloody little pieces with razor wire? Sound off down below and stay tuned for further updates.