Cyborg Reportedly Being Recast In DCEU With A Younger Actor

Image via DC Films

Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was supposed to be a major player in the DCEU, but it obviously didn’t work out that way. The unproven and untested actor must have thought he’d landed the role of a lifetime when he made his feature film debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, before being announced as a principal part of the Justice League cast, and he was even set to headline his own solo outing.

Instead, reports of Joss Whedon’s behavior and misconduct at the helm of the Justice League reshoots snowballed into Fisher mounting a one-man crusade against the entire DC Films and Warner Bros. hierarchy, and he’s got no intentions of giving up the fight. He’s happy to continue demanding that the boardroom and executives take accountability for their actions or lack thereof, and he’s stuck to his guns so rigidly that he’s essentially exiled himself from the DCEU until Walter Hamada is out of the picture.

As the beating heart of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, who declined the opportunity to play a substantial role in The Flash despite having been involved in almost every draft of the script, something drastic would have to change for Fisher to return to the fold. However, a new rumor claims that Cyborg is being recast with a younger actor, although that’s about the full breadth of the information made available.

Given the dearth of details on when or where this is supposed to happen, it’s best not to read too far into the speculation for now, but you can guarantee there’d be a huge online backlash if Warner Bros. were to hire a new Cyborg and shunt Fisher to the sidelines after his string of very public revelations.