Daniel Radcliffe Warms Up To A Role in Fox’s Frankenstein

A short while ago, we reported that Fox was moving forward with a version of Mary Shelley’s classic monster tale Frankenstein. Now, First Showing reports that Daniel Radcliffe has expressed interest in taking on a role in the revisionist telling of the story.

Early reports are sketchy at best, but Radcliffe apparently would like to play a character called ‘the Hunchback.’ We assume that this must be Fritz/Igor, the good doctor’s assistant, played with such bizarre aplomb by Dwight Frye in the original film starring Boris Karloff and then later in a different incarnation by Bela Lugosi.

The character has been described as “pathologically dirty and dressed in old clowns clothing.  The Hunchback is also described as the lead character, which certainly draws into question what this version of Frankenstein will look like.

Everything about Fox’s Frankenstein seems up in the air at the moment, though. Paul McGuigan recently took over directing duties from Shawn Levy, and the script by Chronicle scribe Max Landis has not yet been finalized. There have also been early reports that the whole story is being given a revisionist and sci-fi edge. So at the very least it will not be the same Frankenstein story we’re used to.

All of which says, to me at least, what the hell? Frankenstein is one of those stories that has been done to death in a multitude of serious and comedic ways. I’m not certain what more could possibly happen to the undead Monster and his crazy creator.

I suppose that Radcliffe’s interest bodes well, as he’s begun to prove that he’s quite the interesting actor. Maybe once we hear more casting decisions – like who will play the Monster and the Doctor for instance – we’ll be able to better evaluate whether this will look like a modern classic, or an ill-advised foray into re-adaptation a la Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

As of right now, I’m not willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt.

We will keep an eye on Frankenstein casting news and we’ll be sure to keep you posted when more news arises.

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