Danny DeVito Joins Disney’s Haunted Mansion Reboot

danny devito

When it comes to naming the internet’s favorite actors, Danny DeVito is always near the top of the list. To illustrate that point, he might be 76 years old and nowhere near five feet tall, but that didn’t stop fans from launching petitions to have him cast as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s X-Men reboot.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia legend recently wrapped Season 15 of the beloved sitcom, and is finally set to return opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and newcomer Tracy Morgan in Twins sequel Triplets after the project spent 30 years in development hell, but he’s going to be taking a trip to Disney’s Haunted Mansion first.


As per The Hollywood Reporter, DeVito has joined an increasingly stacked ensemble that already features LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson and Rosario Dawson. Tim Burton’s Penguin will play a character broadly described as a “smug professor”, so we can virtually guarantee at this point that he’ll be stealing all of his scenes.

Haunted Mansion kicked off production last week, which had an unfortunate knock-on effect towards Wilson’s proposed Wedding Crashers 2, but director Justin Simien has assembled quite the array of talent to generate plenty of interest in a family-friendly supernatural comedy that was greeted with skepticism when it was first announced.