Wedding Crashers 2 On Hold After Owen Wilson Joins Haunted Mansion


Owen Wilson clearly enjoyed his time working under the Disney umbrella on Marvel Cinematic Universe series Loki, having boarded the studio’s Haunted Mansion reboot a couple of weeks back, where he’ll star opposite leads LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish.

Not a lot of people were crying out to see another live-action spin on the theme park attraction, but on paper, there’s enough talent involved to make it one worth keeping an eye on. The bad news for fans waiting for news on Wedding Crashers 2 is that Wilson opted to sign on for Haunted Mansion instead of the long-awaited comedy sequel, which was also eying an October start date.

Wilson admitted a while ago that he was game for a return alongside Vince Vaughn, but talk that the project had been officially greenlit was just a little wide of the mark. A new report from Puck News claims that the two leads had agreed $10 million deals to shoot in Georgia and Puerto Rico, but everything has been put on hold now that Wilson’s schedule is full for the next few months.

That doesn’t mean Wedding Crashers 2 is dead, it just isn’t happening this year. Depending on when Loki‘s second season starts production, it might not even happen in 2022. Sixteen years have already passed since the original, but it felt like we were really getting close to seeing another round of nuptials getting interrupted.