Daredevil Rumored To Be Teaming Up With Spider-Man In Future MCU Movie


If you’ve logged on to any form of social media over the last couple of days, chances are you’ll have noticed that the rights to Daredevil are about to lapse back to Marvel Studios. In 99% of cases, this would be a joyous occasions for fans of Hell’s Kitchen’s nocturnal vigilante, but supporters of the cancelled Netflix series are worried that Kevin Feige might end up wiping the slate clean.

Daredevil was positioned as the marquee property of the streaming service’s Marvel lineup, so it worked out pretty well that it also happened to be the best in terms of quality. Jessica Jones was the only other Defender that managed to get three seasons, and while the private detective’s self-titled show started dragging its heels a little bit towards the end, Matt Murdock’s adventures retained a consistently high level of quality bar the odd dip that happens in almost every Netflix original that stretches a perfect eight or ten-episode story out to thirteen.

One final campaign has been launched in an effort to ensure the Marvel Cinematic Universe picks up exactly where the series left off from a narrative standpoint, with star Vincent D’Onofrio lending his weight to the calls and hoping we can avoid another full-blown reboot. Tipster Mikey Sutton is now claiming, though, that not only is the plan for Charlie Cox to return, but Daredevil is also being primed to team up with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in a future film.

Of course, the common thread between the two costumed crimefighters will be Kingpin himself, as the trio of New York natives battle for supremacy. D’Onofrio already wants in on the MCU, the fans would love to see it, and surely Marvel Studios couldn’t turn down the opportunity to bring a fully-formed, layered and complex villain into a franchise that’s often been sorely lacking in decent bad guys. So at this point, it really just seems like a matter of time before this comes to fruition.