Daredevil Is Now Trending Thanks To The Batman Suit Reveal


The Batman‘s Batsuit is finally here and while many fans are over the moon, others are considerably less enthused. It seems as though those reports that said the look would be inspired by Lee Bermejo were correct, as the elements are reminiscent of his work, like the stitched leather cowl. Fans are also theorizing that the Arkham Asylum inspired bat-logo may be constructed from the gun that killed his parents.

But the short video, described as a camera test by director Matt Reeves, doesn’t give much else away. It’s shot in very low crimson light, bathing the suit and its background in red. This has the inadvertent effect of making it resemble a suit worn by another vigilante: Daredevil. Yes, fans are now comparing it to both Charlie Cox’s Daredevil from the tragically cancelled Netflix show and the Ben Affleck Daredevil from the 2003 movie. And here’s a selection of the reactions from Twitter:

Honestly, I think the dark red light is more responsible for the comparisons rather than anything we can see of the costume, but let’s face it, crimson is Daredevil’s color. In any case, I’m thinking that very soon we’re going to get a series of much better looks at Pattinson in the costume. After all, The Batman will be shooting action scenes on location around the UK in the near future, with residents in Glasgow having been warned to expect the Batmobile roaring through their streets.

My thinking is that Matt Reeves was allowed to release this camera test so that we got our first exposure to the suit in a controlled way rather than via a fuzzy, out-of-focus set picture. Whatever the case, The Batman seems like it’s going in a new direction with the suit, striving for a look that could plausibly be hand-crafted rather than the moulded rubber of the Burtonverse or the modified military hardware of the Dark Knight trilogy.