Dave Bautista Reveals What He Wants To See In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3


With the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise proving to be such a success, it’s no surprise that a third movie is already on the slate. It was recently revealed that director James Gunn would return for Vol. 3, and that it would likely feature the end of this version of the team. Other than that, however, details for the movie are currently sketchy at best.

Drax the Destroyer himself though, Dave Bautista, has an idea of what he wants in the next chapter. When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the former WWE star turned smash-hit actor revealed that he would like to see more of Drax’s family.

“I’m hoping they’ll tell a little bit more of [Drax’s] backstory, with his wife and his daughter, even though it’s a hard subject. It’s a downer. I know they don’t want to take the Guardians too much in that direction. I think it would be really interesting if people could put the visual reference to his wife and his daughter. I’d love for [the fans] to be able to see them.”

As fans of the movies will know, it’s been stated that Drax’s wife and daughter were murdered by Ronan the Accuser prior to the events of the first film. We haven’t seen any flashbacks to Drax’s family life, however, so that’s definitely an area that could explored in Vol. 3. That being said, Bautista raises an interesting point: if we saw their deaths, it could take things in a darker direction than the generally light-hearted franchise usually goes down.

Still, there is a way to make it less of a downer. In the comics, Drax’s daughter is revealed to have become Moondragon, a telepathic kickass heroine who later joins the Guardians herself. Introducing Moondragon in the movies could give Drax a happier ending, as well as adding an interesting new familial dynamic to the team.

More details on the next instalment in the franchise are probably still quite a ways away, but in the meantime, you can enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as it’s now playing everywhere.