Dave Bautista shares ‘facts’ about January 6th capital attack

Dave Bautista has been particularly loud as of late in sharing his opinion and political views with fans. He’s had harsh words for everyone from Steve Bannon to Kyle Rittenhouse, of whom he so colorfully said, “F**k that kid!”

Now, he’s decided to voice his thoughts on the riots that took place on January 6th of 2021, where Trump supporters stormed the capital building in Washington, D.C. In a recent Tweet, Bautista shared a video created by Don Winslow Films, captioning it “Facts!!”

A transcript of the video Bautista shared is as follows:

“The January 6 committee knows the names of the traitors in Congress. They know the names of the Republicans involved in January 6. They know the names of the Republicans who were texting Mark Meadows as the U.S. Capital was under attack. It’s been almost a year since January 6. It’s past time to release the names.

Every day the January 6 committee delays doing this these Republican traitors grow in power and raise more money for their re-election. Every day they are not named they do more damage in the shadows. Enough is enough. Name the traitors!”

As it’s been over a week since Bautista’s last tweet, many users were excited to see him back, all while agreeing with him sharing the video in the replies.

It’s likely Bautista has been away from social media as he’s currently busy filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. While director James Gunn recently revealed the cast would be getting a small break soon, it’s sure to have kept the star incredibly busy.

As other famous names have faced issues from sharing their political views, see Gina Carano as an example, it will be interesting to see if Dave Bautista eventually faces similar turmoil in his acting career for expressing his.