David Gordon Green On The Dual ‘Hellraiser’ Projects In The Works

Hellraiser II Pinhead
via New World Pictures

When Hellraiser premiered in 1987, horror fans were introduced to a group of sadomasochistic cenobites summoned by a puzzle box that brought an unknown boundary between pain and pleasure with them. Of course, that leads them to find themselves in the hands of those who want to feel “more” like their first encounter of the film, a man named Frank.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know the rest, and if you haven’t, we recommend adding it to your Halloween watch list, primarily because two new Hellraiser projects are on the horizon.

In 2020, Deadline reported that Spyglass Media would be working with David Bruckner on a new Hellraiser film. They also said that HBO had partnered with David Gordon Green to create a series based upon the classic Hellraiser movie. As Deadline noted, this is the first time Pinhead will be brought to the small screen.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Green had this to say about being curious about having both projects in the works with such varying components.

“We’ve got it over at HBO, and that’s not in script form yet, but it’s being developed. It’s going to be fascinating because it’s a different platform, different concept, different creators, but the same properties. I’m not sure where that ends up and how that goes, but I’m very curious.”

He went on to say that it’s a fun experiment that he’s excited to be a part of.

“It is a fun cultural experiment, right? To think there’s a crew with a concept for a series and a crew with a concept for a movie taking the same mythology. I don’t know, does it become like Deep Impact and Armageddon?”

Are you excited about having two new Hellraiser projects to look forward to? Which are you most excited to watch? Let’s talk about it.