David Gordon Green Reportedly In Talks To Direct The Exorcist Reboot

The Exorcist

Since The Exorcist spider-walked into theaters back in 1973, the franchise has been a byword for pure terror. And it’s a property that’s endured for a while now, as we’ve seen several sequels of varying quality, two TV series, a stage show and a pretty freaky VR game. Now, however, it’s time for a reboot.

Yes, as you may’ve heard, a new take on the classic horror franchise is in the works at Blumhouse Productions and Morgan Creek and none other than David Gordon Green, the man responsible for 2018’s Halloween and its two upcoming sequels, is being eyed to direct the project. No further talent is mentioned in The Observer’s report breaking the news, but if Green is indeed attached, then you can expect the pic to assemble a solid cast.

Interestingly, the story refers to this new Exorcist movie as a sequel, even though it was pitched as a reboot when first announced. Whether The Observer is mistaken or things have changed, we can’t say, but either way, this is obviously pretty exciting to hear, as Green would be an excellent choice to steer the ship.

The Exorcist

After all, the franchise has been through a lot of ups and downs over the years, with more of the latter than the former. Indeed, some of the sequels were pretty underwhelming and a few of the recent projects ran into serious production/development troubles.

And while many might see this new feature film as nothing more than a money grab to exploit a classic IP, Green’s a talented guy who has more than proven his horror credentials. So, if he ends up signing on, it’d certainly bode well for the upcoming Exorcist movie.