David Harbour Reportedly Returning For Extraction Prequel


Netflix may have only dropped Extraction on Friday, but already the brutal actioner looks poised to become one of their most popular original movies, dominating most-watched lists around the world and proving to be a huge hit with fans online in the process. The deliberately open-ended final shot seemingly sets up a potential franchise for Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake as well, something that most people would definitely get on board with.

In fact, a sequel is already reportedly in early development over at Netflix HQ, while we’ve also heard that the Russo brothers are keen to reunite with more of their Marvel Cinematic Universe alumni for the follow-up. But that’s not all, as we’ve now received word from our sources – the same ones who told us Hopper was returning for Stranger Things season 4 and Disney is developing a live-action Robin Hood, both of which were correct – that David Harbour is set to reprise his role as Gaspar in an Extraction prequel.

Director Sam Hargrave has already admitted that a sequel and prequel are both under consideration, and according to our intel, Netflix are indeed keen to move forward on both as soon as possible, with the latter set to be based around the incident that saw Rake save Gaspar’s life during an operation in the Middle East that was hinted at during the scene between the two. Again, Hargrave has already teased that we’ll see more of this story and speaking to our sources, we’ve confirmed that it’ll definitely be what forms the basis of the prequel, with Harbour expected to return.

With Hemsworth currently preparing to head back to the MCU for Thor: Love and Thunder, and Harbour set to hit the promotional trail at the end of the year for his own introduction to the franchise in Black Widow, there’s little chance of the next Extraction movie getting in front of cameras until the middle of 2021 at the very earliest. Still, we’re told that both the prequel and sequel are happening and the former is likely to go first.