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David Oyelowo Dishes On God Particle, Says Bad Robot Sci-Fi Is Nothing Like Interstellar

God Particle star David Oyelowo has offered up some new information for Julius Onah's sci-fi movie, which we know to be the third Cloverfield movie.


David Oyelowo is no stranger to cerebral science fiction.

Two years ago, the acclaimed actor was part of Christopher Nolan’s starry ensemble that jetted off into the inky blackness of space for Interstellar. Oyelowo is gearing up to dip his toe into the genre once more for God Particle, Julius Onah’s 2017 sci-fi pic. It may stand as the third entry into Bad Robot’s loosely connected Cloverfield universe, but don’t expect it to hold much resemblance to Nolan’s mind-boggling spectacle.

Word comes by way of The Wrap, who spoke to Oyelowo just yesterday about all things God Particle. Cloaked in mystery from the get-go, it’s only now that we know Onah’s space thriller has ties to the Cloverfield universe – much like 10 Cloverfield Lane before it – that we’re starting to learn some tangible details. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is something we’ll leave to you, but Oyelowo did draw attention to the film’s innovative nature.

“Every single day we were on that set we were agog with the inventiveness and innovation, between the technology, the story and the audacity of what we were trying to accomplish.”

He’s painting in broad strokes, essentially, but those worried that God Particle will be a rehash of something that’s already come before needn’t worry – when it comes to Interstellar, at least. Said Oyelowo: “The only connection I would say is both films involve space and both films involve me. That’s about as much connection I can see between the two.”

God Particle, also starring Elizabeth Debicki, Chris O’Dowd, Daniel Brühl, Ziyi Zhang, Aksel Hennie, and John Ortiz, is on course for a theatrical release on February 24, 2017.

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