Thrilling Final Trailer For Aquaman Swims Online


Arthur Curry spent almost all of his time in Justice League fighting against Steppenwolf and those nasty Parademons up on the surface, but in Aquaman, director James Wan will plunge Jason Momoa’s titular DC hero deep beneath the ocean, where he’ll have to prove his worth as the would-be king of Atlantis.

Set to swim into theaters next month, on December 21st, the film’s release is quickly approaching and to get us all excited, Warner Bros. has now debuted one last trailer. Given that this is their final push for Aquaman, this latest look at Arthur’s solo outing offers a good amount of fresh footage as well as more of that dazzling action we’ve been teased with, which has already drawn comparisons to The Matrix.

Beyond that, we get glimpses of a gripping story, a fascinating underwater world which we can’t wait to explore and what overall looks to be a step in the right direction for the struggling DCEU. Or should that be Worlds of DC?

The trailers have certainly done their job in getting fans excited, but after Justice League seriously underwhelmed, James Wan’s pic now needs to keep the public invested in this ever-rickety cinematic universe. From what we understand, Aquaman is reportedly tracking for a $40 to 60 million opening weekend, which is nothing to write home about as far as superhero flicks go, but strong reviews could still keep this thing afloat.

Speaking of which, Warner Bros. head Toby Emmerich had some nice things to say about the film a few months back, claiming it strikes a great balance between “fun and jeopardy, edge and wonder, comedy and tragedy.” And while that’s a source with obvious bias, early test screening reactions sound promising, too.

In any case, with Momoa already pitching ideas for the sequel, we’ll see if Aquaman is able to draw in the crowds when it splashes into theaters on December 21st.