DC Fans Blast Elizabeth Olsen After Catwoman Comments Resurface

elizabeth olsen

It would be fair to say that there has been, currently is, and always will be rivalry of sorts between Marvel and DC fans, one that’s only intensified since both comic book companies launched shared movie universes.

At times it can devolve into outright tribalism, with barbs being thrown back and forth between the two sides on social media, and now Elizabeth Olsen has found herself caught up in the debate. In true Twitter style, comments the actress made a full ten years ago have now resurfaced and ignited some fury online.

In the decade-old chat, the WandaVision star states her belief that nobody would ever make a better Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer. Of course, the latest trailer for The Batman dropped this past weekend and people are already obsessed with Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle, and many of them wouldn’t take the criticism lying down.

We’ve reached the point in our society where something Elizabeth Olsen said in 2011 has caused her to trend on Twitter as people claim they don’t care about her opinion. Except they obviously do, otherwise it wouldn’t have become a thing. These are strange times, but based on the reception to The Batman trailer, it would be fair to say that Kravitz is about to become the preferred Catwoman for a huge number of fans.

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  1. Dalinkwentsays:

    So…she made these comments before she was even working for Marvel herself, and Zoe was even thought of as Catwomen.

    Yet, people are in their feelings.

    Wow..I need a break from that planet.

    1. Pplsucksays:


    2. Soniasays:

      I agree with you. Some people just like to start drama. She said this 10 years ago. Lol

    3. Lynnsays:

      Thank you!

    4. ReadmeImfakesays:

      Remember the good old times when we were able to show our opinions and not get blasted for it after 10 years

  2. Scarlysays:

    I wonder how much pride someone take take hearing that they’re the “preferred Catwoman” based solely on their race…..months before anyone even sees her performance in the role.

    1. XavierJMsays:

      Nothing to do with race. Everything to do with Performance. Michelle’s Performance has beat the 2 women who have played Catwoman since…it’s not hard to believe it’ll beat Zoe too. But, this movie looks pretty darn good. It’s all in Zoe’s hands now. I’ll be rooting for her to live up to the sleek shadow that Michelle left.

      1. Cosisays:

        Zoe is gonna be the best cat woman Olsen is just pufe racist. What has she been in lately. OlI dont think so. And it does have to do witth race.Olson is RACISTson is not even a good actress.

      2. LaLasays:

        Such a butt hurt generation who has too much time on their hands for all this social media crap. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!

    2. Tophersays:

      Woah, someone else called her a racist in the twitter replies above and here you are suggesting that it is her preferred catwoman based solely on race, did I miss something? Did she say something else they are not mentioning her? Olson and Pfeifer are of the same race so you think that and that alone is what shaped her opinion?
      How did we get here?

    3. Smh at peoplesays:

      Ur a idiot

      1. Cosisays:

        Of course its based on race. If a white girl was going to play new catwom no one would say anything.and you are a bonigied asshole racist

    4. Willow1991says:

      Not sure how race comes into this. But it’s 2021 and apparently race is the I have no valid point but want to argue play

    5. Justlalasays:

      Omg dumb comment

      1. Justlalasays:

        Omg! Ridiculously dumb ass comment
        People like you make me feel like a genius

    6. None yasays:

      I love how ppl love to bring race up when its was bever mentioned to begin with.
      Looks like someone has their race glasses on

    7. Murphyman 54says:

      Who said it was about race? As far as I can tell, YOU DID! Do black people think every best anything has to be minority? Your assumptions are poisonous.

    8. Catmansays:

      Love how a woke jackass is labelling her as a racist over non-racial comments made a decade ago.

      Somebody needs to check their black privilege…

  3. Atomixboxsays:

    I’m pretty much on board with Dave Chappelle…. Twitter is not a real place, so who cares what they think

    1. Coty68says:


  4. Lick my onionssays:

    To be real honest she must not heard of Halle Berry and Eartha Kitt cause they were better Catwomen if I ask me

    1. XavierJMsays:

      Eartha was a TV Catwoman who played in a campy movie once. Halle is a great actress who played in a horrible script. Michelle knocked the part out of the park. There are NO comparisons.

      1. Justmedasays:

        Earth Kitt and Julie Newmar will always be the ultimate Catwoman to me. Batman on TV was campy period and those 2 ladies knocked it out of the 1966 ballpark.

    2. Coty68says:

      That’s right!!!!!

    3. Cosisays:

      Finally a honest person.Bless you

      1. mikesays:

        Woow i thought I saw the dumbest thoughts until I read your comments.

    4. Catmansays:

      Ha ha ha! Sure they were. Just like Adam West was the best Batman!

  5. Trolls trolls and more trollingsays:

    Well if it was 2011 when she made these comments it was long after Halle berry as Catwoman and a couple after Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the Nolan trilogy so … Not sure why people are even using this tweet from a decade ago for a movie not do out until a year in the future 🤷

    1. Cohn Jenasays:

      Well it’s been a day or two so they need something new to be offended at.

      1. Galen82says:

        Of course, no one ever has or ever will surpass Julie Newmar as Catwoman.

    2. Paul Desmondsays:

      Hathaway was Catwoman in 2012.

  6. Galen82says:

    Of course, no one ever has or ever will surpass Julie Newmar as Catwoman.

    1. XavierJMsays:


    2. Coty68says:

      Can’t forget the TV Catwomen; they were the first!

    3. Afsocsargesays:

      I loved Ertha Kitt also

      1. ReadmeImfakeanddepressedsays:

        Dude please learn more about this topic before you comment
        Its quite surprising how much information you might receive about the whole situation
        The comment was before she was in marvel and she’s friends with many people of colour

    4. Sunrisesays:

      This is my Catwoman and forever will be .. and all were fabulous even tho girl on Gotham was great..

    5. Paul Desmondsays:

      Kitt and Newmar were great in that role.

    6. Cosisays:

      Yes,you are %100 percent correct

  7. BaconCheezeStixsays:

    Let me get this straight… a person has an opinion (that’s not even negative)… You don’t like it… so… that person is immediately shamed and told to shut up and agree… WTF kind of people do that?!?!

    1. Making toastsays:

      Children and psychopaths, that’s who.

    2. A Guysays:

      Liberals. I guarantee it. Those are the kinds of people that do this childish BS. The Party of Tolerance and Diversity. Unless you disagree with anything they say, in which case you’re immediately shamed and your life needs to be ruined. Which is, ironically, neither tolerant nor diverse.

      1. Paul Desmondsays:

        Way to make it political, kid. Congrats on going even lower than these Twitter losers.
        Good for you.

    3. Paul Desmondsays:

      Immature losers.

    4. Oh, and called a racist for that opinion. These “children” are exhausting. Also, is this a real life article that someone has been paid to dig up and talk about? Jesus

    5. President Elect Kidsniffersays:

      Leftists. Leftists do that.

    6. Cosisays:

      Not in so many words but this is about the new catwoman being colored not about who was the best

      1. ItDoesntMattersays:

        So you’re telling me Elizabeth is somehow a racist who can see at least ten years into the future?

        Ten years ago, when she gave her personal opinion, she could not possibly have known this movie would exist, let alone who would be cast as Catwoman.

        Honestly, leftists just have to invent racism at every possible opportunity.

      2. Watermelonsays:

        She didn’t even know zoe was playing catwoman, she said her opinion before a new Catwoman was coming, she wasn’t attacking anyone ore being racist. Maybe instead of calling everyone racist, go look for your dad.

    7. Jmac67says:

      Did she say it before Halle Berry was cast? And to an extent even Berry has said less than flattering things about the movie. But then it seems like so many Twitter trolls believe that anything more than 5 years old is wrong, horrible, racist, etc.

  8. Lyvin largesays:

    Wow, she said that 10 years ago… At that time Michelle was the Ultimate CatWoman. There’s always someone better out there. You children need to pay attention to when something has been said instead of flapping your lips with negativity that you obviously learned from your parents.
    I hope that the new kitten does as an amazing job with her interpretation of CatWoman. But keep in mind, the name is CatWoman not cat girl. Ms. Kravitz is a beautiful girl, BUT Ms. Michelle Pfeiffer is 100% woman who has looked better in the black leather then any of the past 5 (that I can recall). Doesn’t meant that they sucked. It’s just every lady to play that role brought her own purrfectly unique twist to the character. Julie, Lee, Eartha, Haley, Ann and Michelle will welcome Ms. Kravitz with open paws.

    And if you didn’t get it…. I’m with Elizabeth! Until proven wrong.

    Yep 2 previous Catwoman who rocked the role were, yep black cats! Not everything is race oriented except to the idiot who throws it out there for attention. Eartha had the best ever purrrrrfect purr.

  9. XavierJMsays:

    Lol…Michelle was a phenomenal Catwoman. And just like everyone who has played Batman, Joker or Catwoman since, Zoe will put her own spin on it. Why does it matter what someone’s opinion was? It’s hard to imagine a better Catwoman…but it’s not impossible. If Zoe can do just a little bit worse…or do just as good a job, she will satisfy everyone. Michelle is open to coming back as the character…maybe one day they’ll meet.

  10. Gum under your tablesays:

    I doubt this will offend anyone but to change the subject Alicia Silverstone was the best Batgirl ever. End of discussion

    1. Paul Desmondsays:

      It’ll mostly make people laugh and assume you’re being sarcastic.

    2. Cosisays:

      Good for you

  11. Amelia Wysockisays:

    This video is from 10 years ago. This means that she’s not talking about the upcoming Batman movie. So, shut up, you 🤬ing instigators. She didn’t even suggest race as a factor. It’s amazing how easily people can set fires where there’s nothing to burn.

    1. Tophersays:

      I know – I see race come up and I’m rereading the article and doing Google search thinking I missed something. We are all always talking about sustainability, well THIS isn’t sustainable.

      1. Catmansays:

        Time to start deporting these swine. They’ll be much happier far away from the racists in Sierra Leone or Liberia ..

  12. Sirpuddibgsays:

    People really ought to remember all the dumd stuff they said when they were 22. We all live in glass houses in this regard, just some of us are old enough to not have published any of that stuff to a medium that’s still accessible.

    1. Paul Desmondsays:

      Everyone forgets that they have chapters of thier own lives they’d prefer not be read aloud…

  13. Engine Freaksays:

    Seriously they make real fans look bad I know the batman is gonna be politically stupid and all but she’s right I think Michelle is the best catwoman for live action films Zoe meh she better not screw it up I guess

    1. Paul Desmondsays:

      I don’t have a whole lot of hope for Kravitz, she’s not a very talented actor.

      1. Cosisays:

        You are no director so shut the fuck up

      2. Cosi you are not a director either so you really don’t have room to tell someone to shut up. By telling someone to shut up because they are not a director makes you sound petty and entitled. Not to mention its just as petty and lame as someone bringing up something from 10 years ago. If someone has time to dig something from 10 years ago then they have time to go do something more productive. I only came across this on my news feed when I was actually to look up something important. Now if you excuse me i must go. I have to go make the final payment. I have errands which are m9re productive than acting like a child. Have a nice day everyone. Hopefully you will stop getting your panties in a twist over something from 10 years ago. Bye!

  14. Mr Creosotesays:

    jesus wept, so much of what’s wrong with this ridiculous world right now can be attributed to this kind of crap, lazy, paid by the click churnalists turning twitter comments into news.
    and yeah, i know, i’m commenting on it. i opened this piece of crap by mistake because google’s algorithm saw fit to put it on my front page, and now i’ve reinforced it. great. roll on world war 3.

    1. Mastermilessays:

      Easy. You can’t prefer something that doesn’t exist yet. Comments made ten years ago and people have to put their own feelings or opinions on it. They have 10+ people like it and it’s used in an article. Racist gets used more than hello now a days. Everything is so toxic and it’s articles like this that feed it.

  15. Jules Badguysays:

    Why is this even news? Michelle was great. Zoe seems like she will be fantastic. Just enjoy the damn movies 😂

  16. Berttlessays:

    Why do these folks get all worked up over a 11year old opinion? Haven’t seen Zoe’s version yet, so I don’t know anything about it. I know she is a fantastic actress, but Halle Berry is going to be hard to beat! And that’s the opinion of a 64 year old white man!

    1. Cosisays:

      Thank you sir for saying those nice things about halle berry.

  17. LOLsays:

    Well c’mon its DC fans. They like their characters to be alien Gods, or Billionaire Playboys who put targets right over the heart of their wards costumes. Then have a fight between these two main characters and try to believe the one with speed so fast he can alter time, can hear from the other side of the planet, and see through anything, somehow struggled against the human in a fight.

  18. Afsocsargesays:

    This Was A Statement From 10 Years Ago People, Some People Have Lost The Entire Concept Of Reality !!!

  19. Afsocsargesays:

    This Is A Statement From 10 Years Ago !!
    Some People Have Lost The Entire Concept Of Reality !!
    Social Media Has Opened The Floodgates Of “What Can I Be Outraged About Today Syndrome”

  20. Afsocsargesays:

    There was Julie Newmar and Ertha Kitt before them all !!

  21. A Guysays:

    Why won’t someone with some “influence” tell these self-righteous, overly-sensitive p*ssies to f*ck off once and for all? Like the d-bag up there who said she’s racist…. how?? How is she racist? Because she didn’t have the foresight to know Zoe Kravitz would play Catwoman in 10 years, and didn’t immediately praise her yet-to-be-released performance, simply because of her race (which is, somehow, NOT racist..?)? People like that are the poster children for eugenics and forced sterilization.

  22. Paul Desmondsays:

    Twitter people are losers. Grow up, you pathetic nobodies. Kravitz is a garbage actor, and will never be as good a Catwoman as Ertha Kitt, Julie Newmar OR Pfieffer. Take you thin skin and hurt feelings and go F yourselves.

  23. Tyrantsays:

    Always about race with u people..Pfeiffer w always be the best until we see what Kravitz actually does…Grow up and get a job!!

  24. Lynnsays:

    I DON’T think Zoe Kravitz would make a good cat woman! Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer made good Catwoman that’s just my opinion! I’m Unapologetic for it!!
    I’m damm tried of seeing another batman move how many time a new director tell the some OLD STORY LINES WITH NEW PEOPLE IN IT!!

  25. Lynnsays:

    This article from this journalist should NEVER HAVE BEEN WRITTEN!! Taking a ten-year-old comment for an up-to-date coming movie just a Hype of Zoe Kravitz please!! A waste of time and people’s comments!

    1. Reconsays:

      This is an article talking about outrage. The outrage people on Twitter have for an old comment, this article is not making outrage just reporting ok it

  26. C. Kentsays:

    The ONLY real Catwoman is Julie Newmar. Or Lee Meriwether. Or Eartha Kitt. Of course, Michelle Pfeiffer was pretty good, too. Halle Berry looked good as Catwoman, even though the movie sucked. Then there’s Ann Hathaway. And, hey, has anyone seen that footage of Zoe Kravitz?

  27. Giosays:

    So pretty much this entire generation has turned into crazy wife/gf who likes to bring up old crap to start some sh*t.

  28. Willow1991says:

    Let’s check the imaginary check list shall we.
    10 year old post check
    Made before marvel star was in marvel check
    Last announced Catwoman around that time was Anne Hathaway check
    No one else announced for several years check
    Retroactively accusing poster of being racist based on current day casting check. No wonder humanity is all but lost. I so look forward to the future decline of civilization. Thank god for Twitter

  29. Cosi da cucksays:

    COSI below is low IQ? Trash that doesn’t understand how time works apparently

  30. Bonsays:

    Sorry but I agree. Michelle will always be my favourite catwoman no matter what actress plays her and you know what? That’s ok. People are allowed to have a different choice. Zoe is a fantastic actress but I still love Michelle better as catwoman.

  31. MyRealNamesays:

    There is not a Marvel vs DC rivalry. There is a contingent of ride or die DC dudebros who keep trying to make fetch happen by insisting there is a rivalry. Also this thread clearly demonstrates how depressingly stupid they are. People can like two thing at once. Stop being shit-stirrers

  32. Arthursays:

    Just like people said Jack Nicholson was the only Joker…🤡

    1. Dickweedsays:

      Heath ledger blew that away

  33. Jacksays:

    With all this stuff being censored and people having to be careful what they say, reading this stuff is getting pretty boring. If people are worried about being offended they shouldn’t go on twitter or any other social media

  34. This is one of the reasons why society is going down the drain. Elizabeth Olsen made a comment 10 years ago and yet somehow, people are hating her a decade later, for something that is essentially an opinion. An opinion is subjective and not objective. Elizabeth Olsen made the comment before she portrayed Scarlet Witch and before anybody had even heard of Zoe Kravitz. The fact that people are hating Elizabeth Olsen over an opinion, shows exactly how low their IQs have plummeted. Nobody can say anything nowadays without someone or some people getting their feelings hurt. People get in an uproar over the most miniscule of things. Isn’t freedom of speech one of the United States of America’s core beliefs? If someone is going to receive hate over a mere opinion, then it basically nullifies one’s ability to speak his or her mind. People need to seriously grow up!

  35. PhantomPain1020says:

    Seriously, people should grow up, but judging by how they’re so venomous towards Olsen for just an “opinion,” that’s probably expecting too much.

  36. Murphyman 54says:

    When people who are 20-something are pushing the cultural chat, you will increasingly get this type of crap. I’ll bet most of these trolls never even saw Pfeiffer’s performance. Recency bias is a real thing, esp when you think the world started 15 minutes before you are born.

  37. Szmansays:

    I see the clip where she said she thinks Pfeiffer is the only real catwoman (for me its Julie newmar) where’s the rest of the clip that everyone is worked up about?

  38. SICK OF wokesays:

    Seriously you woke A**es need to all get a life you’re out there try to troll peples past to criticize them and call them out and to call them racist . Well wake the f#[email protected] up you pathetic losers move out of your parents house and get jobs to pay off your liberal whiney ass degrees you spastic dim witted Jackasses

  39. BenHere4Yousays:

    I think she’s gorgeous and I’d love to see her as Catwoman. But what is more important then her beauty is if she wants to do it. Besides, …the more Catwomen in this world, the better this world will be

  40. Grizzysays:

    Are people really this stupid?

  41. Catmansays:

    Loving how the race victims are loving a black actress whose biggest claim to fame is a famous daddy and acclaiming her performance BASED ON A TRAILER.


  42. Watermelonsays:

    Bro she didn’t even say anything about zoe stop calling her racist 🤣

  43. Ted Batessays:

    I would love to have Elizabeth Olson blow job.

    1. Ted Batessays:

      Damn auto correct. I want her to blow me.

  44. jimmybobsays:

    what a shitty disgusting time this is if anyone takes actual offense to this and really thinks she is a racist. something said 10 years ago, sort of tongue in cheek at that.

  45. Pajacko Rockosays:

    Zoe Kravitz, first and foremost, is a lousy actress. Secondly, she isn’t even slightly attractive, and third…..she’s too short to be Catwoman. Her race has nothing to do with anything.

  46. oldguysays:

    Best Catwoman was Julie Newmar.

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