DC Fans Campaigning For Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

Justice League Batman

It’s been a minute since DC fans launched an online campaign to try and will something into existence, so we were about due. The latest subject is Ben Affleck’s version of The Batman, which is destined to go down in the history books as one of the most exciting comic book blockbusters that was never made unless something drastic changes.

The two-time Academy Award winner was set to star in, direct, co-write and executive produce the gritty superhero story, with Jeremy Irons and J.K. Simmons set to return as Alfred and Commissioner Gordon respectively, while Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke was set to cut through the narrative like a horror movie villain as he tore Bruce Wayne’s life apart from the inside out.

We’ve since discovered that Batgirl was also set to feature in the third act, and the script Manganiello read had him likening it to David Fincher’s intense psychological thriller The Game, but it wasn’t to be. However, as you can see from the reactions below, there’s still a huge number of fans that want to see it happen eventually.

Of course, ever since it was confirmed that Affleck was returning for both Zack Snyder’s Justice League reshoots and The Flash, we’ve been inundated with speculation that he was poised to resurrect The Batman and return to the DCEU for a slew of movies and HBO Max projects, which obviously hasn’t happened as of yet.

The online movements to restore the SnyderVerse, have David Ayer finish his preferred cut of Suicide Squad, and make spinoff shows for Deathstroke and Black Canary happen haven’t yielded any rewards either, and Affleck’s The Batman is unlikely to escape that same boat.