DC Fans Celebrate Batman Begins On Its 15th Anniversary

Batman Begins

Today, June 16th, marks 15 years to the day since Batman Begins first hit theaters. Back in 2005, the Caped Crusader’s cinematic legacy seemed permanently tarnished after 1997’s Batman & Robin, but Christopher Nolan managed to reinvent the Batman for a brand new generation with his first installment in what would become the Dark Knight trilogy. Audiences were wowed by the most mature take on Bruce Wayne they’d ever seen. And they still are today.

In honor of its anniversary, DC fans have flocked to social media to celebrate what’s not just the opening installment of an amazing trilogy but one of the best superhero movies of all time.

Christian Bale is the perfect Batman.

A timeless quote.

And so is this.

The posters were pure art.

Let’s not forget Cillian Murphy’s fantastic performance as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow.

And a shout-out to Katie Holmes’ portrayal of Rachel Dawes, which is often forgotten following Maggie Gyllenhaal taking the role in The Dark Knight. 

And, of course, who could forget Michael Caine’s version of Alfred Pennyworth.

“The greatest comic book origin story ever told.”

Funnily enough, the state of the Batman brand is currently in a similar, if less dire, state to how it was in 2005. Just like then, the last movie outing for the character was widely panned – 2017’s Justice League – and we’re waiting on a new version to return some quality to the table. In this case, it’s Matt Reeves’ The Batmanstarring Robert Pattinson. Reeves’ vision looks to share some of Nolan’s gritty, grounded nature, though we’ve been led to believe the filmmaker is looking to dive more into the detective side of the superhero.

He certainly has his work cut out for him in creating a better opener to his take on the franchise than Batman Begins, though, as shown by how highly DC fans regard it even 15 years later.