DC fans demand James Gunn casts Vin Diesel as the new Black Adam to stick it to Dwayne Johnson

dwayne johnson vin diesel fast & furious
via Universal

It’s never nice to kick somebody when they’re down, but DC fans have come up with the most spiteful suggestion imaginable after Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn confirmed that Black Adam wouldn’t change the hierarchy of power, but instead live on as an infamous failure.

Having already questioned what Johnson’s Fast & Furious arch-nemesis Vin Diesel thinks of his former friend-turned-enemy being booted out of the comic book franchise mere weeks after his 15 year-journey to bring the Man in Black to the screen was finally completed, the trolls are back out in force demanding the longtime Dominic Toretto replace The Rock in the role to lead the DCU into a bold and brave new future.

We’re not going to lie, it would be perhaps the single funniest thing in the history of superhero cinema were Gunn to rope in his Guardians of the Galaxy cohort as Black Adam, if only to see the reactions on both the internet and the faces of Johnson and his Seven Bucks Productions team.

The co-CEO is famed for working with the same regular cast of collaborators over and over again, with next May’s Guardians Vol. 3 marking his fourth time partnering with Diesel, even if he’s never actually stepped foot on a Marvel Cinematic Universe set before. We can dream, but it would be akin to pouring a mountain of salt into a gaping wound were the unthinkable to happen, but utterly hilarious at the same time.

A Fast & Furious return probably isn’t on the cards for Johnson, but Diesel has a friend in a very high place at DC to make the pettiest move you could possibly think of.